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Is Easy Tees'y Right For Me? 

We take online fundraising and make it easy. Let US do the work for YOU! Here, let's put it another way... We take your lemons and make lemonade! [Because who really loves fundraising??]

So, if you want to squeeze the most bang out of your buck, or t-shirts, as the case may be, check this out.


Tell us about yourself! Give us some information about your group and the products you would like to sell. Once we have this info, we'll set you up with your very own Easy Tees'y store!


Spread the word! We'll give you a link so you can direct your customers right to your products. We'll handle your transactions so you don't have to, and since everything is prepaid, you don't end up with unsold merchandise!


Once your store closes, we order, print, & ship your shirts. You can choose to have orders shipped right to your customer's door or delivered to you, individually bagged and labeled to make distribution a breeze!

Ready To Start?

Call us at 417-890-8337 or email us at sales@creatordesigns.com to get your Easy Tees'y campaign started.

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