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Meet The Banners! Dwain, Trina, Deacon, Bo, Jake, & Chapel.


This fun lovin', ball-playin', testosterone-driven family (sorry, Trina!) owns and operates Creator Designs. Literally... these bitty Banner Boys, (and not-so-bitty-ones-now) are back there printing with the big guys day in and day out!


 ...Then, of course we have Trina (the "brains"), and Dwain (the "brawn"). Trina spews forth ideas, and Dwain makes them come to life. Their partnership is one of a kind and their drive to seek success on God's terms is what fuels them.


Creator Designs has experienced steady and rapid growth since first opening its doors to business in 1991. In the wake of this success, Dwain is the first to remind us that we must not forget where we've come from. He frequently reminds us how important it is to "remember our roots".


In the early 90’s, Dwain had already chosen his career path. He taught math and coached at a nearby high school. He was looking to invest in some land and found 20 acres for sale… along with a small screen-printing business.


In June of 1991, Dwain purchased the screen-printing business and left the land behind. He admits, “At that time, I didn’t have the first clue how to print a t-shirt!” Starting out, he taught all day, coached all evening, then printed shirts at night. “I remember staying up until 3am printing shirts, then getting up just a few hours later to go teach.” From this humble beginning, Creator Designs has grown into a multi-million dollar business.

Despite the remarkable success of this business venture, Dwain doesn’t take credit for any of it. He gives all the glory to God, saying he believes that Creator Designs has thrived as a direct result of God’s blessing on the business.


“When I tell people that we need to remember our roots, what I’m trying to say is that there has been a lot of hard work from 1991 to now. God is the one who gave us the work, and the sacrifices we made early on are paying off now. I believe that nothing can be gained without sacrifice… Nothing that’s going to last. The most incredible sacrifice ever given was for our sin – on the cross. If it took a sacrifice like that to redeem the sin of the world, how can we expect to be successful in God’s eyes without sacrificing hard work and some time and effort to make His business successful? He’ll reward that hard work. God has already rewarded us by continually bringing us faithful customers. They’re loyal to us and we’re grateful for them. This is why we’re successful. And this is why we must remember our roots.”